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Friday, 25 March 2022 13:22

2022 Legislative Session: Week Eleven

Week Eleven of the 2022 Session is in the books. The budget has now been passed by the Senate which means that the negotiation can begin between the House and Senate on how much money each program or project is going to receive in the coming fiscal year. Getting the budget agreed on by both sides is a discussion that occurs at the highest levels with the Appropriations Chairs and Majority Leaders of the House and Senate serving on the Conference Committee.

As we get closer to the end of Session, conference committees are now being tasked with reconciling different versions of bills that are passed. This process starts when a bill passes both chambers but with different language. Even a slight difference means that the bill is in limbo until the final language is agreed to by both Chambers. Either chamber can Recede from its position and allow the other chamber’s language to be the final version. This allows the bill to move forward to the Governor. 

If the House and Senate both insist on the language, a conference committee is appointed with three members from each. Those members negotiate the language, and the bill can look very different when they are finished. If a majority of the conference committee comes to an agreement on the final product, they issue a conference committee report that both the House and Senate must again pass with a majority of the members.

The Agree/Disagree and Conference Committee process offers many opportunities for new twists and turns in the making of legislation. 

Georgia Inform Consumers Act Receives 
Do Pass Recommendation; Scheduled for Floor Debate on Monday, March 28

SB 332, the Georgia Inform Consumers Act, was passed by the House Judiciary Committee by substitute on Tuesday of this week. The Committee included language sought by Amazon that would clarify that the “unhindered” communication between consumers and third-party sellers did not prevent them from monitoring the chat function their platform provides and acting on any abusive behavior through the chat function. Georgia Retailers argued against the change with committee members prior to the meeting because of concerns that it could be used by the company to cut off communication between a consumer with a legitimate complaint and a seller who didn’t want to resolve the complaint.

Despite that small change, the bill remains overwhelmingly positive for the retail industry and consumers. The legislation was heard in the Rules Committee today and placed on the calendar for Floor Debate and a vote in the House on Monday. Rep. Houston Gaines of Athens will present the bill on the floor and answer any questions that other Representatives may have.

Assuming SB 332 passes, the bill would then go back to the Senate for an Agree or Disagree motion. An Agree motion that succeeds would send the bill to the Governor for his signature or veto. The Governor has 40 days following the end of Session to review legislation and make a decision on the bill.

Legislative Schedule
The General Assembly has now completed 35 Legislative Days of the 40 Day Session.
Next week’s schedule is as follows:

  • Monday (3/28) – Legislative Day 36
  • Tuesday (3/29) – Legislative Day 37
  • Wednesday (3/30) – Legislative Day 38
  • Thursday (3/31)– Committee Day 
  • Friday (4/1)– Legislative Day 39

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