DDo you have Voice Power in legislative affairs affecting your business?

We represent the retail industry at the Georgia State Capitol. Georgia Retailers was formed by an active group of retailers who wanted a voice before state government. 55 years later, the GR still advocates for the best interests of our members before the state Legislature, Governor’s Office and state regulatory bodies. Each year, our government relations team blocks bills that would be detrimental to the retail industry. They also work to advance an agenda created by members. Georgia Retailers has a powerful, full-time presence before state government.

Important Retail Issues

  • Strengthen Emergency Management Re-entry Process and Coordination with Retailers
  • Strengthen ORC Statutes by aggregating misdemeanors within the state, strengthen penalties on store credit fraud and create a penalty for using Emergency Exit Doors during a crime
  • Support Back To School & Energy Star Sales Tax Holidays
  • Support Preempting Regulations of Polystyrene & Plastic Bags to the State
  • Support “Brunch Bill” that includes Retail and expands Sunday sales of alcohol
  • Support Legislation that would modernize DOR rules to allow pickup and delivery of beer, wine & sprits
  • Support legislation that would require prescribers to use E–Prescribing
  • Remove limitations on vaccine protocol